La Quinta Tennis Villa History

This page has been created to keep track of significant events and capital improvements of the Tennis Villas since its original completion in 1984.

Click here for an interesting Cultural Resources Survey and Evaluation of the La Quinta Resort Clubhouse Court Complex, published in February 2011.

1980:  The area where the La Quinta Tennis Villas are located looked like this! 

1984:  Villas are completed and marketed for sale.  Original sales Brochure from circa 1984

There were (and still are) 48 Villas with separate 5 model types advertised by the developers (Landmark Real Estate Companmy) as follow:

07-Sep-1984:  Original CC&Rs were recorded with Riverside County.  The original parties to the CC&Rs were Landmark Land Company of California, Anden Corporation, Santa Rosa Cove Association, and La Quinta Joint Venture.  The development financing was provided by the Toronto-Dominion Bank, a Canadian Chartered Bank.

01-Nov-2000:  Gold Coast began as the Management Company in November of 2000.  Jerry Uffelman the manager, followed by Ron Halstead, and then Kent Robbins. 

01-Jul-2008 - The island waterfalls were converted to landscaping by Hort Tech Landscape Construction in July and August of 2008, at a cost of $14,400.

01-Apr-2004:  Tennis Villas painted by Flanders Painting at a cost of $59,480.

12-Oct-2004: Amended and restated CC&Rs were recorded with Riverside County

2006-2007:  The (then) La Quinta Resort ownership (CNL Hotels) proposes a major renovation of the main resort swimming pool area, to make it into a sort of waterpark.  The renovations were strongly opposed by most homeowners, and the project never proceeded.  To see minutes from the City of La Quinta regarding the project, click here and here.

01-Feb-2009:  The (then) ownership of the La Quinta Resort (a Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund) proposes a renovation of the resort which includes removal of many tennis courts.  The renovations were strongly opposed by most homeowners, and the project never proceeded. For a summary of the project from 2010, click here.  Please note that many news articles links are no longer live. 

01-May-2010:  Phase one of a landscaping renovation was completed at a cost of $20,231.76.  This included $7,185.75 for the south pool wrought iron fence and new pool gate, $6,000 for south pool landscaping, and additional landscaping for 11 addresses, including irrigation changes concrete edging, and decomposed granite.  To see a summary of the 2010 improvements, click here. For some more pictures of the renovations, click here.


15-May-2010 - A survey is taken to assess the interest amongst HOA owners for the replacement of the hardscape.  To see the original web page, click here.

01-Jul-2010:  AA Masonry made 5 A/C walls in June and July of 2010, at a cost of $7,055 ($1,411 per wall).  They also made 2 A/C walls by the south pool, concrete work at the south pool, and in front of one of the mailboxes, and the south pool columns in May of 2010, at a total cost of $6,785.  

01-Aug-2010:   The north pool columns were constructed by AA Masonry in August of 2010, at a cost of $1,800.  The wrought iron gate and new pool fencing was done by Desert Concepts at a cost of $10,768.25.  Desert Concepts completed phase two of a landscaping renovation the fall of 2010, which included concrete edging, new plants, some electrical work, and irrigation lines for 13 different addresses at a cost of $14,415. 

01-Jun-2012:  Tennis Villas painted by Flanders Painting at a cost of $65,100.

01-Jul-2013:  AA Masonry made 13 A/C walls at a cost of $18,460 ($1,420 per wall).

01-Jul-2013:  The north pool was re plastered, tile replaced, pool and spa lights replaced, the hand rails all replaced with new ones that are cool to the touch, and the deck was re-stained and sealed at a cost of $20,090.  

03-Mar-2016:  A proposed $11,000 special assessment for replacement of the hardscape does not pass. There were 44 ballots received from the 48 members.  29 members voted NO and 15 members voted YES. For details of the special assessment which were published in February 2016, click here.  To see the bid package with the HOA commissioned from RGA Landscape Architects, click here.

07-Apr-2016:  Karen Miller resigns from the HOA board after 15 years of of dedicated service to the community.  Thank you Karen!  

30-Sep-2016:  Kent Robbins retires after many year of wonderful HOA management services. Thank you Kent!  

17-Oct-2016:  The south pool is re-plastered and the south pool and south spa are re-tiled at a cost of $10,291

28-Feb-2017:  A ballot for changes to the CC&Rs is sent out, pertaining to deck and patio maintenance responsibilities, and for a reduction of monthly dues by $25.  The vote did not pass.  30 ballots received.   23 in favor, 7 against, 18 ballots not returned.

15-Jan-2018:  The pool decks of both the north and south pools are re-done, as well as the grout around the pool. Marshall F. Copper Contractor completes the deck work for $14,280 and the grout work for $3,300.

01-May-2018 - The bulk HOA contract with Spectrum cable ends.  Monthly costs and dues per villa are both lowered by $45 per month.

13-March-2019 - A Special Assessment ballot for $4,000 is sent out to the HOA for funds to to redo the roof underpayment during the summers of 2019 - 2021.  Total costs for the roof work average $7,405 per villa. The vote passed on 4/26/19 by a vote of 32 "Yes", 5 "No".  This letter is sent out on 3 May 2019 summarizing the vote.  This letter is sent out via email and post on 27 June 2019 outlining the replacement schedule.

01-December-2019  - The HOA changes property managers to Albert Management, Inc.  Communication to homeowners is in this mailing with the 2020 budget.

10-November 2020 - Ficus Tree Removals - At the HOA meeting on 10/29/20, the board approved the removal and stump grinding of 20 ficus trees, for $7,200.  These are the trees planted in front of many garages.  As of 11/10/20, the trees have were removed.  The HOA planted  bougainvillea in their place, which was found to have done very well when we removed the ficus trees a few years back in the  76-936 to 76-946 Calle Mazatlan Cul-de-Sac.  Here are some pictures of the trees which were removed.  It was decided to remove them for a few reasons:

20-December-2021 - The "Summer 2021" work is completed. Approximately $75,000 in reserves is spent

16-June-2022 - A $12,800 Special Assessment vote to replace the hardscape passes by 26-11.   Details of the special assessment are in this letter sent out to homeowners in April 2022. On June 16, 2022 the votes were counted and the 

assessment was approved by a vote of 26-11. Details of the hardscape project can be found on this page.

November 2022 - Both of the pool decks are resurfaced.

19-January-2023 - A vote is sent out to the HOA to amend the CC&R and By-Laws.  The vote is to remove HOA responsibility of decks and patios and to update the documents to be consistent with California State law.  The letter sent out with the vote and the exact language of the amendments are here.  At the general HOA meeting on 13 April 2023 the (43 participating Owner) votes were count and the amendments passed by a vote of 40-3. The Inspector of Elections report confirming the vote count is here.

8-April-2023 - Villa owners Michelle and Cheryl attempted to do a pool plunge into all 40+ resort pools and the 2 HOA pools.   They started at 2:17 PM in the afternoon, and finished at 5:28 PM. They were able to make it to 7 resort pools and 2 HOA pools, for 9 pools in total!  Along the way they met some friends, did some photo shoots, ate BLTs, and stayed hydrated.  Although they did not make it to all of the pools, they had a wonderful time and have begun training for next years pool plunge.  

Monthly Dues, As of,  %Change

$254.00, 1/1/1985, -------

1985-2001 - Unknown

$325.00,  1/1/2001, -------

$355.00,  1/1/2002, 9.23%

$397.00,  1/1/2003, 11.83%

$405.00,  1/1/2004, 2.02%

$445.00,  1/1/2005, 9.88%

$485.00,  1/1/2006, 8.99%

$520.00,  1/1/2007, 7.22%

$650.00,  1/1/2009, 25.00%  - Dues temporarily increased in an effort to collect reserves for hardscape improvements.  

$520.00,  4/1/2009, -20.00% - Dues decreased due to protest by HOA owners

$527.00,  1/1/2011, 1.35%

$545.00,  1/1/2012, 3.42%

$547.00,  1/1/2013, 0.37%

$550.00,  1/1/2014, 0.55%

$557.00,  1/1/2015, 1.27%

$570.00,  1/1/2016, 2.33%

$525.00,  5/1/2018, -7.89% -  Bulk HOA Cable service ended on 5/1/2018

$540.00,  1/1/2019, 2.86%

$550.00,  1/1/2020, 1.85%

$575.00,  1/1/2021, 4.55%

$580.00,  1/1/2022, 0.87%

​$605.00, 1/1/2023, 4.31%

​$555.00, 5/1/2023, -8.26% - CC&R's amended which remove decks as an HOA expense