2010 Improvements

(Originally published in Summer 2010)

The LQTV HOA Board had received numerous complaints regarding the condition of the landscaping around the buildings, pools, air conditioning units, and utility boxes.  In addition, much of the common area is original installation from 1984 and dependent on heavy water usage. To address these issues, in 2009, the HOA formed a Landscaping Committee, to advise the board on how and when to proceed with any replacements and improvements.

Per the CC&Rs, the HOA is responsible for “The replacement of trees or other vegetation and the planting of trees, shrubs, and ground cover upon any portion of the Common area.”  From a walkthrough of the common areas in November 2009, it was very clear that improvements were needed in order to renovate and beautify the common areas.  Please see photos below as reference. 

The committee as a group and individually volunteered hundreds of hours, and met with over a dozen separate vendors including landscape architects, landscapers /gardeners, electricians, painters, and fence builders.   

At the HOA meeting on February 12, 2010, a proposal was presented for vote which aggregated the bids from two of the lowest priced vendors:  Desert Concepts and AA Masonry. (Given the state of the local economy, some very competitive bids were able to be obtained.) The proposal was approved by the board.  The proposal was for a total of $64,207, to be completed in three phases:  Phase I April-May 2010, Phase II and III September – October 2010.  The source of payment for the proposal will be the LQTV's reserve fund, which at time of voting was approximately $140,000, with an annual budgeted reserve collection of approximately $65,000.


For a map of the three phases and highlights of the areas which will undergo improvements, please click here. (Improvements to the areas around the AC condensers are shown in green.  Landscaping improvements are shown in yellow.)

Included in the proposal is: 

*Replacement of the fences and doors around the pool areas:  The current fences and doors were rotting in numerous places, none of the doors properly locked, and they were not compliant with current health code standards (though they were "grandfathered-in" compliant).  Current standards require a 5 foot high fence (the current fences were 4 feet high), for the doors to open out from the pool (the current ones opened inward), and for there to be a non locking exit (which the current set up did not have).   The fence and gate will be replaced with materials that are now compliant, in a generally much more attractive style.

 *Entry pillars at the pool entrance:  To match the theme of surrounding pools of the resort and neighboring HOAs, two 6 feet high pillars will be installed at the entrances of the pools.  The pillars will be white, with Spanish themed light fixtures and decorative talavera tile.  

*Walls around air conditioning condenser units:  At the south pool, 5 feet high walls are to be constructed around the condenser units (similar to existing walls at other condensers).  These condensers in particular were very noisy and unsightly, being only a few feet from the south pool.  As well, an additional $7,055 proposal was approved at the April 16, 2010 HOA meeting, for 5 similar walls to be constructed around condensers at the exterior of the HOA (outside villas 76-946, 77-323, 77-327, 77-329, 77-345). 

 *Replacement of the walkway to south pool:  This area of walkway was in terrible condition, with numerous uneven and discolored areas.  It will be replaced with a new walkway. 

*New landscaping in the most troubled areas:  Certain landscaping was as far as could be from the original standards of the development.  These areas will receive a combination of new desert plants, decomposed granite ground cover, new low usage watering systems, and decorative curbing.

*New trees around condenser units:  All condenser units which appeared in need of better coverage will be surrounded by Carolina Cheery trees with new watering bubblers, which should grow out to provide much better coverage than the existing plants.

The intent of the proposal was to get the most for the HOA’s money, to capitalize on the lower priced vendors currently available, and to make the HOA common areas much more enjoyable and attractive.   

Before Pictures & After Pictures