Info and Governing Documents

The next board meeting will take place online on: April 11, 2024, 10:00 AM.

HOA Security Patrol is available at the following numbers:

Entry to the pools is by a code lock:  

The monthly dues for each Tennis Villa are $655 per month (as of January 1, 2024), due on the 1st of each month. 

Payments are payable to the "La Quinta Tennis Villas Owners Association" and should be sent to:

La Quinta Tennis Villas HOA

c/o Albert Management

P.O. Box 98175

Phoenix, AZ 85038-0175

Please contact Albert Management Inc. for any questions, or to set up automatic electronic payments.

The normal schedule of on-site vendors is as follows:

The following items are the responsibility of the HOA (See Article VII,  section 7.1 of the CC&Rs for further clarification):

The Association shall be solely responsible for all maintenance, repair, upkeep and replacement within the Common Area, except as specifically set forth in Section 7.2 hereof. No person other than the Association or its duly authorized agents shall construct, reconstruct, refinish, alter or maintain any Improvement upon, or shall create any excavation or fill or change the natural or existing drainage of any portion of the Common Area (except as specifically set forth in Section 7.2 hereof), and the Association shall have no responsibility for the maintenance, repair or replacement of the private streets located within the Property, the maintenance, repair and replacement of which is the responsibility of others pursuant to the Street Agreement. No person shall remove any tree, shrub or other vegetation from, or plant any tree, shrub, or other vegetation upon the Common Area without express approval of the Association. Without limiting the foregoing, the Association shall be responsible for:

As a summary of the above, an Owner's HOA dues take care of and pay for:

The following items are the responsibility of Owners (See section 7.2 of the CC&Rs for further clarification):

As a summary of the above, Owners are expected to take care of and pay for:

Governing Documents

Please click on the links below for key governing documents of the HOA.    All versions of the HOA governing documents are located here

Previous governing documents:

Other Docs:

Short Term Rental Policies

The La Quinta Tennis Villa HOA governing documents do not restrict short term vacation rentals.  Since the La Quinta Tennis Villas were first built in 1984, Villa owners have been responsibly renting rout their Villas on a short term basis (for 1 or more nights).  On October 20, 2021, The City of La Quinta signed Ordinance No 596 which effectively permits owners of  La Quinta Tennis Villas to continue renting out their Villas on a nightly basis.  The exemption for the La Quinta Tennis Villas can also been seen on this document from the City of La Quinta (December 2022).  The City of La Quinta does have some administrative, license fee, and occupancy tax requirements for owners who choose to rent out their Villas for 30 days or less at a time.  For further information about renting out your Villa and being complaint with the City of La Quinta,  you can go to the City of La Quinta's web site for information.


As of September 1, 2018, the landscaping is professionally maintained by Vintage Landscape


The pools are professional maintained on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays (excluding holidays). Please funnel requests through HOA management. The pools are heated from about mid October to late April to about 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  The hot tubs are heated to 102 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Owners should never change the temperature settings are their own.

Garage & Front Doors

Each owner is responsible for the maintenance, repair (and replacement if needed) of all of their exterior doors (front (wood), garage (steel), sliding (glass) and for some Villas also exterior water cabinets. All exterior doors (except the glass doors) have historically been painted by the HOA when all Villas are painted, every 8-10 years or so (April 2004, July 2012, August 2021). Any material repairs which can not be resolved by routine painting, do need however to be taken care of by individual homeowners. If you would like to replace your garage door, or if you have been gently reminded by the HOA that you should replace your garage door ASAP, these are the specifications of the garage doors:

Glass Doors and Windows

All upkeep, repair and replacement required for the glass doors and windows of the Villas are the responsibility of the individual homeowner.  Any replacement of the glass windows and doors need to be done in style, color and exterior look which is the same as current.   Please check with the HOA management if you have any questions. 

Paint Colors

Any work down by owners or their contractors which is the normal responsibility the Association (i.e touching up exterior stucco of Villas) needs to be paid for by individual homeowners, and may not be reimbursed by the HOA without prior approval.  If you would like any clarification, please contact the HOA Property Manager.